KODA Camp at Camp Mark Seven

It remains the only program of its kind in the country. It has grown to be a wildly successful program. This program has been honored by the American Camping Association and recently the Camp Director, Bert Pickell was honored by the Gallaudet University Alumni Association's Laurent Clerc Cultural Fund Committee with the Alice Cogswell Award for Valuable Service to the Deaf Community.This camp program has been recognized for its unique approach to helping KODA's to find their sense of identity. The camp has focused on three aspects: Understanding ASL as a different language than English, Understanding the differences between Deaf Culture and Hearing Culture and giving kids a chance to share their KODA Stories with others who understand. The response is amazing, nearly 85% of the kids return for the next year, demonstrating how meaningful it is to them.

Camp Mark
7144 Mohawk Hotel Road
Old Forge, NY 13420

(315) 357-6089 TTY/V (June - August)
(585)381-5930 TTY (September – May)

(315) 357-6403 (June – August)
(585) 381-5930 (September – May)

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Bert Pickell, KODA Camp Director




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