Deaf-Blind Explorers

Deaf-Blind Explorers is an international organization dedicated to providing traveling and touring experiences for the people who are deaf-blind all across the world. Deaf-Blind Explorers provides the unique experience of exploring other destinations that otherwise may not be available to deaf-blind individuals due to their dual-sensory impairments. Deaf-Blind Explorers as an organization strives to expand their members' horizons by educating the non-disabled people of the world that people who are deaf-blind can enjoy the same benefits as non-disabled people by exploration of the world around them without any barriers or limitations. The programs are limited to approximately 150 Deaf-Blind and Hearing-Visually impaired participants. SSPs and Interpreters accompany all trips. Sighted, hearing, or Deaf friends, colleagues or family members may accompany participants or consumers.

Deaf-Blind Explorers, Inc.
PO Box 32015
Cincinnati, OH 45232-0015

(513) 242-4171
Lynn Jansen

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