Fashion Institute of Institute of Technology & Disability Support Services

The Office of Disability Support Services, FIT-ABLE, provides programs, services, and advocacy to students, faculty, staff, and administration to insure than an FIT student, regardless of disability, is able to become industry ready and self-sufficient. The selection criteria for each major at FIT does not include disclosure of a disability. The support services of FIT-ABLE start with each student's choice to self-identify the existence of a disability at an initial meeting with Liz Holly Mortensen. Any disclosure of disability which occurs between the FIT-ABLE coordinator and a student is confidential except for educational discourse on an need-to-know basis. FIT-ABLE is not a program. It is an area of Student Development where the focus is on abilities, and the coordinator works with each student individually, case-by-case, and course-by-course, to determine what academic accommodations, auxiliary aids, academic adjustments, and daily life skills are necessary. FIT-ABLE works collaboratively with the faculty of the various departments of the College. Among the programs and services provided by FIT-ABLE are: (1) Counseling and rehabilitation support to facilitate success at the college and beyond, (2) Advocacy on behalf of students, faculty, and the college regarding requests for accommodations, (3) Coordination, when appropriate, of academic support services needed by individual students, & (4) Collection and evaluation of requisite documentation.

Building A, Room 511A
Seventh Avenue at 27th Street
New York, NY 10001-5992

(212) 217-7875 (TTY)
Liz Holly Mortensen, Coordinator
(212) 217-8900 (Voice)




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