The NAD Law Center National Association of the Deaf (NAD)

The NAD Law Center is available as a legal resource. Although we can accept only a few discrimination cases at a time, we spend a lot of time talking to other lawyers, explaining to them legal aspects of deafness, and representation of deaf clients. Contact us about legal issues and deafness any time and ask your lawyers to contact us for special expertise.

The NAD, as a national federation of state association and organizational affiliates, offers civil rights advocacy, grassroots and youth leadership development, and legal expertise across a broad spectrum of areas including but not limited to accessibility, education, employment, healthcare, mental health, rehabilitation, technology, telecommunications, and transportation.

Specific services include public information and dissemination; information and referral services; technical assistance, training seminars; national and regional conferences; legal and public policy analysis, guidance and research; and litigation consultation services. Such services are both directly and indirectly provided to the volunteer officers and membership of state association and organizational affiliates, both via electronic mail as well as in person (i.e., consultation, seminars, and conferences).

The NAD website also disseminates a wealth of advocacy information and resources that is accessed by both individual and affiliate members, as well as by members of the general public.

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