Barrier-Free Living Domestic Violence Program

Outpatient mental health clinic with fee for service, third party payments, and sliding scale. Barrier Free Living is our vision: a world in which the barriers to housing, transportation, social services, jobs and fulfilling relationships are broken down and people with disabilities have equal access in our communities. Barrier Free Living is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping people with disabilities live independently in the community. Barrier Free Living provides these individuals with a comprehensive range of transitional shelter and counseling services that enables them to overcome the physical and emotional barriers that stand in the way of their living dignified, secure lives. Barrier Free Living's services are open to physically disabled New Yorkers of all ages and to members of their families.

270 East Second Street
New York, NY 10009

(212) 533-4362 - (Voice)
(212) 533-4362 - (TTY)
(212) 533-4358 - (Voice) – Hotline
(212) 533-4632 - (TTY) – Hotline

(212) 673-5167

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